We provide you with a full 1 hour long PT Evaluation where you will learn:

  1. WHY you hurt (the cause)
  2. WHAT's wrong (the diagnosis)
  3. HOW we're going to fix it (the plan).​

Your Personalized Rehab Plan Will Include:

We will also provide you with an optional Wellness Plan once you are feeling all better to prevent the problem from ever returning.  

Our wellness services include:

  • Stretch Therapy
  • Clinical Massage
  • Clinical Fitness
  • Acupuncture (may be covered by insurance)

Still Not Sure?

We offer a no-commitment FREE Easy Consult ​with one of our doctors of physical therapy.  

Your Clinic for Physical Therapy in Madison, NJ

MOMENT is a family-owned orthopedic rehab and wellness clinic located in downtown Madison.  We've been helping local families since 2013 to recover from pain and injury. Physicians trust us to provide personalized evidence-based care (in fact, when the doctors themselves or their family members need PT, they come to us).

Friendly & Knowledgeable

Our clients and patients love MOMENT because we make the process of recovering from pain and injury fun and enjoyable.  You will experience only friendly and knowledgeable staff eager to help you out every step of the way.  With 89 Five-Star Reviews, you are rest assured you found the right clinic.

Personal Attention

Whereas most other PT practices treat 4-5 patients per hour and hire inexperienced clinicians to maximize profits, at MOMENT we treat only 2 patients per hour and employ a team of skilled practitioners to maximize your results.  

Easy Access to Care

Most people think you need a script for physical therapy.  But in NJ you are eligible for PT without a prescription (exceptions may apply).  Just give us a call and we'll let you know exactly how to get started.



​20 Cook Plaza, Madison NJ

or call   973.295.6460