​20 Cook Plaza, Madison NJ

​"After suffering a heart attack and undergoing cardiac rehabilitation, I needed to find the right environment and expertise to maximize my recovery. With Dr. Cooper’s help, every aspect of my fitness and health has dramatically improved. I now train 3 days a week, and am stronger than I ever thought possible."

- Peter, 72, Small Business Owner

"Without a doubt Dr. Cooper's training program helped me to improve my fitness level and strengthen my body and mind. I would like to emphasize his clarity of thought, his clear communication skills and his ability to focus the training on specific personal needs."

- Antje, 41, Audit Manager

​​​"Dr. Cooper has been an integral part of changing both my body and my health for the better. I have lost almost 50 pounds, dropped my body fat percentage by more than 10%, and lost 6 dress sizes. My quality of life has been immeasurably improved."
- Kristen, 37, Executive 

"I feel lucky to have worked with Dr. Cooper.  My body feels balanced and my posture is better.  I have never had my upper body feel so strong and natural.  My lower back no longer hurts when I walk, even when I walk for hours! Dr. Cooper is so pleasant and uplifting that when I'm done with my session I feel energized and happy.  Thank you Dr. Cooper!"

​​- Kleanthi, 38, Administrative Asistant

"I'm moving so much better with much less pain in my back and hips.  Dr. Cooper is a miracle worker."

- Marcia, 68, Retired

"It's been a great experience for me these past months working with you. Dr. Cooper is a true miracle maker when it comes to helping people feel better."
- Barbara, 67, Retired

"I came to see Dr. Cooper with specific goals in mind and he really listened. The work is challenging, but I now find myself able to do things I had never thought possible. My balance is much better, my strength and stamina have improved, and I also have a deeper body connection in my singing."
- Elaine, 65, Editor​